Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Bear Report!

The cabin we are going to in Ruidoso is owned by my hubby's folks and his aunt and uncle. So there are many of us in the family that use it. It is a wonderful, relaxing, serene place and we can't wait to get there, just a few more days! Anyway, there is always a chance in the canyon that you might see a bear, usually late at night and usually with its head in a dumpster with its butt sticking out! Well our aunt and uncle informed us that the bears are out in droves this year. Don't know if their food supply is low or they are just flat out becoming accustomed to humans and losing that innate fear. Either way, bear sightings are definitely on the rise.

While at the cabin last week, our aunt and uncle reported hearing a great deal of noise out on the front deck. They looked out the window to see all what all the ruckus was and there were 2 juvenile bears on the deck, rolling around and eating the peanuts that had been set out for the birds. As they were rolling around, they discovered a hummingbird feeder hanging from the eave and decided they needed to get it down. After a bit, they succeeded in knocking it off, smashing it and licking up all the sugary contents! Now although it had to be a fascinating sight to see and as much as I would enjoy a similar show, it does give me a bit of an uneasy feeling about hanging around on the deck at dusk or after dark. And I will certainly keep a VERY close eye on my children! There was a possibility that we were going to have to take our dog, but I have pleaded with a friend to take him because I DID NOT want to risk an after-dark run-in with a black bear while taking the dog out for a late night pee! And I certainly wouldn't have been comfortable using his stake-out with bears lumbering around! So doggy will stay here with friends, safe and sound. I will be looking forward to seeing all the wildlife and smelling that wonderful pine-scented air and feeling the cool canyon breeze! I'm counting the days!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

One Step Closer

We finished laying the tile in the kitchen this last weekend. Granted, we don't have the whole thing grouted yet, but we did manage to grout the area under the counter so we could install our new dishwasher. Now granted, we needed to purchase a new dishwasher like we needed holes in our heads, BUT, when you've gone to the effort to pull the old funky one out, and we've been wanting to get a new one so it will match the other appliances, it seemed to be the optimal time. But with all good things come the bad! Hubby installed it last night and I was able to run my first load of dishes in 4 DAYS! What a mess! I was so excited! But about halfway through the cycle I went in and found water all in front of the dishwasher and wet grout! GRRRRR! There was some little mechanism under one of the sprayers that was leaking, it had nothing to do with installation, possibly a defective part. Far be it for anything to be made properly these days! Anyway, I am in the process of running another load and checking it frequently to see if any more leakage is happening. Maybe it was one of those quirky things that happens on the first run and then resolves itself?!? Who knows? But after this weekend, we will have finished almost 1100 square feet of tile and hardwoods! WE are so TOTALLY cool!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Ice collage

I have my son in a messy science and art co-op and the subject this week was water and its properties. Unfortunately it was cancelled, but my son and I decided to check out the little "ice collage" that he prepared for his class. I put water in a bowl, added a bit of food coloring, just for effect, and sent him out to gather items he wanted displayed in the ice. The final result was very cool and at this point we are watching it slowly melt and checking out the various stages. I think we will make these again as they are very cool and very beautiful! Anyway, here are some photos of his creation... aren't they lovely?

Monday, August 13, 2007

Getting there!

We spent the weekend tiling our kitchen, well half of our kitchen! We decided, since you have to wait 24 hours after laying the tile before you grout, to focus on the areas that generally house the appliances. I kind of NEED that range to be functional ASAP! So I figure one more weekend and we'll finally have our floors done, finito! YEA! I was really worried about how dark this tile would be, but in comparison to the dark stain that was on the concrete slab, it is 10 times lighter and brighter than it was. I'm thrilled! But as I've mentioned before, one thing leads to another. So yes, floors will be done, but countertops and cabinets will need to be next, along with re-upholstering kitchen chairs (that'll be easy) and slapping some new paint on the wall. When we're done, I'll post some "before and after" photos so you all can praise our skill and impeccable taste! I should be on freakin' HGTV! HaHa!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Just finished.

I just finished the last Harry Potter book today! Yea! My friends have all been nagging me as they read it weeks ago and have been forced into silence by me until I finished reading it. They will be so happy! Personally I thought reading it in approximately a week was pretty dang good considering I am the sole caretaker of two small children! It was a great book, but if it is truly the last one, I'm a little sad. I've enjoyed these books immensely, whether they were meant for kids or not, it was a great outlet to dream of a world of magic! I can't wait until my kids are old enough to start them, I'm sure I will read along with them!

Well, I suppose since I have finished the book and have no more excuses to slack on my housework, I'll go do my dishes, blah! Wish I had a wand that could magically clean them and put them away! "Washio Dishius!"