Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Teething sucks!

My poor, little girl! She is so crabby and tired! Her eyes are red from rubbing and lack of sleep. I nurse and she is happy in the moment, then we rock and she maintains. But sleep just won't come, she rolls and turns and kicks and cries. If I could only take away to pain, even for a little while, I would. This damn tooth just refuses to break through much to the misery of my girl and everyone else in the household! Hopefully that damn Tylenol will kick in soon!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Just checking in...

Seems as though I have been neglecting my duties as a good blogger! I have just been so busy lately I have hardly had to time shower, much less write. But today is a fairly mellow day, my mom is here, she came to celebrate my daughter's first birthday, and she and I put together some new organizational shelving for my son's closet. What an ordeal! I have never seen so many pegs and little screws in my life! Granted, once we actually looked at the directions, construction was fairly easy, just time consuming. But they got done, they are in his closet and we are well on the way to a tad more organization. The old toybox was like a black hole for toys, now he can find what he wants easily and put it away easily, YEA!

I was hoping to get out in the yard today and get some weeding done, but it is raining, AGAIN! I know we have been in almost drought conditions for the last 4 years but for the love of Pete!! I feel if I sit still for longer than 5 minutes I will start to collect moss! And all of my plants that I bought specifically because they were drought tolerent are now turning black because they are drowning! I can't freakin' win!

Well, I have promised my friend Ginny that I would be a good girl and keep up with the blogs better, but be forewarned, I will be out of the loop for about a week as I take my kiddos to NM to see grandparents. But I'll be back before the 4th, hopefully with some nice photos and some tasty tidbits from my trip! Toodles!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Bugs, bugs, bugs!

My 5 y.o. son has recently become very interested in bugs, which is great considering less than 6 months ago, he was sort of scared of them. But his recent fascination has led to some very interesting photo ops! He seems to find all these great bugs and I seem to always have the camera ready. First, there is the Giant Walking Stick found at the Natural Bridge Caverns outside of New Braunfels. Then we have "Greenie" the caterpillar found at a local park and rescued from a horde of grackles that were just drooling over that tasty, fat snack cruising across the tennis courts. And lasty, "Fuzzy Wuzzy" found in the maple tree in our front yard. Are these little guys impressive or what? "Greenie" is actually cocooned and going through his metamorphosis as I write. If I am correct in his identification, he will emerge around the full moon and become a GORGEOUS Polyphemus Moth. I will update with photos when he emerges! "Fuzzy Wuzzy" was caught and released, but will probably become an American Dagger Moth. For those of you with a love of bugs, you should check out: www.whatsthatbug.com It's a great site! Anyway, we are having a blast, finding and identifying bugs and caterpillars. Who knew Texas was such a hot spot for cool insects? Now if I was just quick enough to get a shot of some of the awesome dragonflies I've been seeing, but those little buggers are fast!