Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Thanksgiving Holiday

Boy do I ever have a fun weekend planned! I hope you can tell I am being TOTALLY sarcastic! My hubby does have all 4 days off, and that's great! I always love when he's home and the kids love it too, especially my girly, she is SUCH a Daddy's girl. We took a bit of a break from home remodeling as we were both sick as shit of putting down floors. We had to take a breather! But now it is time to get back down to business before the holidays. Next week is our "bulk trash" collection, so we can put out all the crap we pulled out of the house, the old sink, toilet, etc... This is a beautiful thing so we can reclaim the garage. Our goal this weekend is to take EVERYTHING out of the garage and put it in the driveway. Then we can go through every box and decide what really needs to stay and what needs to be launched out to the curb for trash week. Unfortunately, we don't have the $400 for the cabinets yet, but we are saving up for them and hopefully will be able to get them in the next couple of months. At that point the garage will be a usable area. We have an old rug that we will throw out there, we'll buy some folding chairs and one of those long folding tables (everything has to fold up in case there is a hail storm coming through and we need to put cars in the garage). We already have our dart board up, so maybe we can actually play on occasion (I've missed that). I'm just looking forward to a nice organized space to store art supplies, mine and the kiddos', and scrapbooking supplies, etc... All of my stuff has just been crammed into cubbies and boxes and we seem to just rotate them from area to area, never being able to actually have it accessible for use! Anyway, that is the weekend plan. If by some sick reason we actually get finished with that in a timely manner, I highly doubt it, we will continue with interior paint! Yes, I started it last weekend, I painted the accent wall around the fireplace and now it is time to bring the new color to the rest of this house. This ugly ass yellow in the great room has its days numbered! It has officially worn out its welcome! I will probably do the painting myself in the den and kitchen, but will have to hire out for the great room. I don't have the capability to paint 20 ft. ceilings! But I can't wait, I tested the new color in some different areas and it is GORGEOUS! I am so slick in my design choices! :-) Anyway, if we can manage a turkey dinner in there somewhere, I suppose this weekend will be a success! My wishes that all the rest of you have a nice Turkey Day, if you celebrate it, otherwise, just have a nice week!

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